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Attorney Seifert Wins Appeal to Have Felony Murder Conviction Vacated

August 10, 2018

Helmedach v. Commissioner

Attorney Seifert successfully appealed a felony murder charge after he argued that his client should have been told by her original defense attorney about a plea deal offered by the prosecutors' office.  The defense attorney withheld the plea deal, fearing it would influence the defendant's testimony.  The Connecticut Supreme Court agreed the defendant should have been told of the plea deal.  The defendant was allowed to accept the original plea deal for 10 years in prison instead of the 35 year sentence she received after her conviction.  She has been release from prison after serving 11 years in prison, fulfilling the 10 years stipulated in the plea deal.

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Attorney Seifert and Attorney Hogan's testimony on Senate Bill No.187

February 26, 2018

Attorney Seifert and Attorney Hogan's testimony on Senate Bill No. 187.pdf before the Connecticut Legislature's Committee on Children, opposing the bill which would allow 14 year old children to be automatically transferred to adult court when accused of certain serious crimes.  As a result of this and similar testimony, the Act ended up being tabled, so as of today, a 14 year old child cannot be transferred to adult court and tried as an adult.  The earliest age that can happen remains at age 15.  

Senate Bill 187 Testimony

Seifert Represents CT Department of Agriculture

In the spring of 2015, Attorney Conrad Seifert was privileged to represent the Connecticut Department of Agriculture as independent counsel in the State's purchase of conservation easement rights in the 163-acre Beaver Brook Farm in Lyme, Connecticut. For details regarding the preservation of this Connecticut farm, see The Day